Has this anything to do with the game pong?

No, this have nothing to do with the well known game pong, this pong project has been started to balance the use of ping, pong is the counterweight that ping has been lacking.

What licence are you using?

At this stage we are using GNU General Public License GPL, and mostlikely we will continue this project under that licence.We think that GPL is the most suited licence for our project, and we support the opensource community.

I've tried pong, but why does it still say ping?

We are still in an early stage of the project, and currently we are using some of the keyfeatures in ping. This will be fixed in a later release.

When is the next release?

When its done ;) First we have fix the bugs in the current build, but check the news, all new releases will be posted there, and in the Latest build box.

You say that your code is GPL, but all I can find is the installer,where's the source?

The installer currently is the source. Read it and you'll see

Can I get pong for windows, or when does a win version come?

At this point there is not a version of pong available for Windows, we will concentrate our efforts first to make a stable version for Linux, *nix, BSD. Currently a windows port will require a massive recoding of the pong core. So time will tell if pong is ported to win32.