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A new year, a new begining 2005-01-19

After the project has been laying dormant for some time, the development has restarted. And soon we will have a more stable release.

So fear not, the Pong project is still alive.

New build and new naming policy 2004-01-22

A new build, Build-1074804976 has been released, which also fixes the reported bug, which would ease the install on some system. With this build we will also engage the new naming policy, which makes the naming a bit more logical and meaningful, (for us atleast ;) )

First Developer meeting 2004-01-05

The first developer meeting about the pong project was held today. It was desided that we will continue with this project also this year, and we will contribute to futher development of Pong.

Pong project started 2003-12-18

The pong project is ment to be a counterweigth to all the pinging going on whithout ponging. We hope our efforts will decrease the cosmic instability caused by to much pinging whithout any ponging.

Build-2435235 released 2003-12-18

The first release of pong, conveniatly named Build-2435235 is released and is a first stop on the road for ponging.